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1 Dec 2005
I have my pc running through a surge protector that has 4 outlet power points. 3 of these power points are used by my pc. The 4th I use to run a second telephone from. This arrangement means that when I shutdown my pc, I have to physically switch the 3 'pc related' switches off, leaving my telephone connected. On one occasion recently, and I don't know why I did it, after switching these 3 switches off, I depressed the power switch on the front of my pc. For a brief second, the fans turned, before the power was lost.

Since then, every time I power up my pc I get a checksum error. When I go into Setup, the date is set to 1st December 2002 and has to be set manually. I have even tried to reset the default values but the problem still persists each time I power up. Once the date is set manually, the pc boots up fine and is fully functional - until the next time.

How can this be corrected permanently???:cry:
The only other thing it could be is that the CMOS jumper is set to reset, which is highly unlikely since you would get a message saying your settings have been reset on every boot. Replace the battery and see what happens.
Dead batteries happen. If you have a voltmeter check the battery. It should read 3.0V or higher. If it doesn't, dead battery. If you have to remove the battery from the PC to check it make sure to:
1) unplug the Power Supply and network connection and wait 3 minutes(safety tip, do it!)

If the battery is good the next option is to go into bios and select "restore defaults" save, reboot setup the date, reboot and see if it works.

Final fix is to do a cmos reset.
1) unplug the Power Supply and network connection and wait 3 minutes(safety tip, do it ot the bios can be wiped)
2) Follow the instructions for a CMOS reset in your manual or MB supplier website.

If none of that works it is possible the Bios was corrupted by the power spike when you hit On while it was turning off. This is ugly requiring you to reflash the Bios with a new copy from the manufacturers website (make absolutely sure you get the right one!). If the bios won't flash it means replacing the bios chip if it is in a socket or RMA the MB for repair (3-6 weeks typically).
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