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check it out peeps!

Originally posted by hyparzero
link took out by:Iceman (don't use the www) please give feedback. what do u think?

what does Iceman think about the site or the link given, I think it goes agianst the forum guildlines that you should have read before you posted,

you can find them here http://www.xp-erience.org/forum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=15979 please note the part about competitive forums

Thanks, Iceman out



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The post by hyparzero violated forum policy. Do not post links to other forums or sites. Quite frankly, XP-erience is the only forum that matters.


Do not post links to other forums or sites
I can't find anything in forum guidelines saying that. It only says "don't post links to competitive forums". Hyparzero posted a link to his software news site, that not even has a forum.

Apart from that XP-erience really has no reason to fear any competitor. It is the best.


Confused and Bewildered
Madmatt, you're moderating is usually right-on, but I think this time you have had too much beer or something...there are probably hundreds of links to other 'sites' in these forums...and the guidelines only specify links to competetive forums; I really don't see the harm in someone sharing a link to an informative site.

Anyway, no big deal either way, just thought you might want to rethink this particular call.:)

Quick edit: I mean, I didn't get to see the link, so maybe it could be considered competetive, but XP-erience has nought to fear...


yup, the forum guidelines say nothing about not posting links to "websites" only "competative forums"


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i think the site has no need 2 worry bout outher sites....prehaps wid the exception of net-xperience (BIG rip off):p


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If you didn't see the link then please don't judge what was done by a staff member. I didn't get to see the link either but I trust my fellow Mods and Smods judgement. If the link was in violation of Forum Guidelines, we have every right to take that link out.
If you have a problem with the way this post was handled, I suggest you take it up with the Mod/Smod, in private.
freightgod - rules are rules... madmatt was merely standing by the site ones... thats his job... hes not to blame... neither is anyone else as they are site rules created and sustained by site admins.



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Quite honestly I did not see the the site linked in the original post. I was simply stating the policy and supporting a fellow mod's decision to remove the link.


by the way, the link is http://I-can't-show-you.com (without the www)

Your link was removed before by another MOD and if you have read the Forum guidelines then you understand that the posting of competing Forum Sites or Spamming (which is actually what you are doing by trying to advertise your site on our Forum's pages) is not allowed.

If you did not read the Guidelines, the link to it is at the top of the Page, below the CRUCIAL Banner.

I myself think your Link is being pulled more for the way that you are going about posting it... In a sneaky sort of way to advertise your site. Plus you started a Thread specificaly for that purpose. BAD IDEA

You seem to be at other Forum sites (I will not list them, but you know what I say is true) besides this one and you are posting a link to your Site. Why not submit it to the Admins of XP-erience and ask them if they would link to it or let you post the Link???

DO NOT post your Link again without their (Admin) permission... PLEASE.


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