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cheap but nice videocards



i dont have much money now, im looking for a cheap videocard ...like the ge force 2.....any suggestions?

p3 800mhz
304 sdram
16 mb s3 pro savage graphcs :(
windows xp
I'm not sure if you're from the US, but...

I think the GF4 MX 440 (the 64MB one is a lot cheaper and almost exactly as fast as the 128MB) would suit your needs. That will keep you under $45. Next most expensive (but still affordable at under $65) is the Geforce FX 5200. If you're willing to go a little higher, I recommend the Geforce 4 Ti 4200.

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The GF4 MX 440 will be nearly all your processor will handle anyway, so it's probably the best choice.
i have a TnT2 Pro card i could sell ya, but i wont.. it isnt much of a change from the savage card, which is the card i upgraded from. they pretty much both suck. :)

how much are you willing to spend.. $50? $100?

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