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Chat Room Failure



Hey. Just recently, I can no longer connect to the XPerience chat room through the integrated jIRC client on the web site. I get a "Class Exception" error. Even after upgrading to the latest version of the Java Runtime Engine, I still get a similar error and the loading progress bar fails to fill up. Any clue as to why this error just appeared and how I can fix it? I prefer to just check the chat room while I'm at the site -- I don't want to use mIRC. Speaking of which, I cannot connect to an EFNet server in mIRC...I have a router, and mIRC keeps refusing my computer's local IP. Why does it do this? Thanks!

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Microsoft are making this very difficult for new users to access our chatroom without using mIRC. I really can't understand why they would just prevent XP users from easily installing Java Machine...

Perhaps it will come integrated with SP1, but I seriously doubt it.


Hhm...that's odd. Previously, I was able to access the chat client via the jIRC add-on. But, I upgraded my Java software and I guess that threw Windows off. I hope this can be fixed because, as I said before, I can't even connect with an external IRC client because I'm on a router now and can't get EFNet to let me in cause it's reading my local IP....don't know what to do.
Here u go

if your using Mirc go here and read the instructions, really simple

in Mirc go to options > connect > Local info > clear out whatever is in local host and IP address > check on connect always get local host > if your behind a router check server (not normal).

anyway for further instruction go here

Mirc help

good luck m8


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