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Changing the start menu font?



I was wondering how to change the font of the word "start" and the rest of the words in the start menu.... call me a noob... but i cant figure it out... when i change visual styles some change the font and whatnot, but how can i do it? I went to display propertes->appearance->advanced but nothing there seemed to do it... is there a way to set windows to use one font for everything?


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What you can do is go to TgtSoft.com and download StyleBuilder, once you've donwloaded, select open a new file, select where you'd like the files to be extracted to and then a windows xp visual style will open, on the left hand side menu scrool down to the botton and select fonts. In there you can select any font you want, after that make sure you compile and save. This option is located at Action on the top tollbar. After that , open the folder you've selected for the files to be extracted to and apply your visual styles and you done.
By the way, you can create your own visual style, XPerience has a great tutorial on that make sure you look for it.

Hope this helps.

Jason Roberts

Are there any good tutorials on how to create my own themes please. I know that there were one here but the link to it is broken :(

I'm not actually a noob (does it means new ppl?)..well no... I have been looking for registry edits and stuff like that for months and months since I bought Windows XP (Christmas eve day).



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Actually, we are just discussing that issue on the forum (Themes and Skins, subject: Where are the theme tutorials ? ").
Electronic Punk is just looking on that right now and he will probably be returning then to us pretty son.
Stop by and check it out !

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