Changing drive letters



Changing drive letters,I know you do it in disk manager but I just want to play it safe.

1.Are all the existing paths on the drive you are changing updated to the new letter including registry entres?

2.If I want to use a drive letter occupided by another drive ,will that drive find itself another letter automaticly?

Dick Johnson

Sux: 1- Yes most of the time this is not a problem.
2- NO, you must manually move the device you want the drive letter to another drive letter to free up the one you want.


At the moment I have C: hhd d:cd-rom e:burner f: hhd g:hhd

If I make the CD & burner Y: & Z: drive will the C,F,G hhd's remain those letters or will they rearrange them selves?

I have noticed that if you add a new HHD it will place itself between the drive letters of an existing partitioned HHD.Why does'nt it make itself E: when there was previously C: & D: instead of making itself D: and moving the D: partition to E:?

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