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Discussion in 'Desktop Customisation' started by jpoid1982, Dec 15, 2002.

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    When you lock your computer using either Win+L or Ctrl+Alt+Del, it pops up that box where you can put in your password to unlock it. I was wondering if anyone knows how I can change that Windows picture it shows at the top.
    There is probably some way to do it in ResHacker, but I am unsure as to where it would be.

    If anyone knows, please let me know.


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    Hi there.

    First of all, go to

    and download style xp. The proggie comes with login screens, when you open it, you will see a " logons " tab, click on it, choose, and click apply.

    To get more, try

    They are moving their servers now, so lots of errors there right now, but a good place to download logon screens :)

    I'll post more links soon.

    Themes and log ons here:
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    If you're asking about the user picture, then go to control panel, user accounts, click on the account you want, and there will be an option, change picture. Select one somewhere on your PC, and you're done :)
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    I already have a theme. I am using an Aqua theme. When I lock my computer, it has the Microsoft logo on the window. I am trying to find out how to change it.

    If you have fast user switching turned off, then when you press Windows key + L, it will lock the computer. It is the same style dialog box as when you would lock a computer running 2000.

    Hope this clears up what logo I am trying to change.

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    Ohh thats awsome lol
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    I like it myself :)
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    Agreed, however jpoid1982 has disabled the Welcome screen.In this case the Microsoft logo's appearing on the "starting" and login boxes while logging in (also seen when hitting ctrl-alt-del), including the animated bar, are contained in "Msgina.dll".

    You can't replace this file within Windows, as it's used by winlogon.exe, which can never be terminated. Safe mode replacement doesn't work either - winlogon always runs. There are two ways round this:
    If you're running off a FAT drive, boot another OS or use a DOS bootdisk, and change the file from there.
    If you're using NTFS, change the dll in ResourceHacker, and save it under another name in the system32 directory. Now open regedit, and go to:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    Find or create a String named GinaDll. Change this value to your file name.
    Reboot, and your graphics should be in place.
    (Information from and
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    you are just full of good info.
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