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Hello everyone,
My wife recently purchased a Notebook computer and the place where she purchased it has misspelt her User ID name, and I'd like to see if there is a way of correcting this without editing the registry.
The OS is Vista Home Premium, so, the feature Local Users and Groups is not available under Manage Computer.
Changing the account name under User Accounts is only superficial and I would like to completely remove all reference to the incorrect name.
IE Computer>Drive C: > users, still only shows the wrong username and there is no provision to rename it even..

I contacted the shop of purchase and they will fix it, but for a tech fee of $100 as they say my wife wrote her name incorrectly. Possible for anyone I guess, but highly unlikely.

If anyone could help me with this annoying problem, I will be most grateful.

With thanks in advance for any and all help



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How about going to ths sop and having them show you the paperwork your wife filled out... if they can't produce it, it would seem to me they simply don't want to fix it because they screwed up...

If you do not have proof good luck getting any kind of help...

If it is within your time frame to return the item do so, buy an identical item and make sure they set it up correctly, better yet go back and tell the manager you have the receipt and that is what you are planning to do since it is within your rights as a consumer...

Keep in mind I am 100% A-type personality... confrontation is almost fun for me, this may not be your personality...

Good luck... post back when you know how you can fix it...

Mike A!

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Should be able to create another login, reboot, login to the other account and delete the folder in C:\Users.

This will cause her to loose settings and such. What you could do is this:

Create secondary account
Login to sec account
Rename other user's folder
log out
login to wife's account, it will recreate the folder with the proper name
login to sec account
delete contents of wife's folder
copy contents from renamed folder to wife's folder

I did this in XP, not sure bout Vista tho.


OSNN One Post Wonder
@Admiral--Thank you for your suggestion. I did what I could as you described and it has worked . Everything I install now shows my wife as the Owner/User and the Docs is now in her name too. I see that some of the incorrect names are still in the registry, but I wont bother about them as everything she works with every day is in her name so thats all that matters.
Fortunately we hadn't put much stuff in the folders, so it didn't cause us any worry about backing up and transferring data. I have to say though, if anyone does this and you have a lot of stuff you want to keep. please back it up somewhere safe before making any account/name changes. And, I would also create a system restore point too , just in case.
You could lose the lot.
Thank you Admiral for sharing your time and expertise with me to fix this problem. I appreciate it very much.

I notice that they didn't spell my wife's name correctly on the invoice either, and when I asked to see the bit of paper my wife wrote her name on--surprise, surprise--it has been lost.
I guess that's fair enough. It happens right ??
I will just remember this event if ever I need to get more computer equipment, and find somewhere else.

Thank you both for taking the time to respond to my plea for help.
All is well that ends well.


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Welcome to OSNN... hopefully you will stay and see there are a ton of helpful people here...

Mike A!

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
No problem. The reason I had all those reboots is sometimes logging out doesn't unlock some files so deleting or overwriting files will give you an error.

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