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cell phone wallpaper request


The One and Only
i was wondering if someone could make some dragon wallpapers for my cell phone (which is a Motorola i830). i think the size for the wallpaper would be 120x127. seen some nice ones on some websites. hate how they charge you money for stuff that seems like it took the creator 2 minutes to make. and/or does anyone know of somewhere i could find free ringtones/wallpapers/java apps for the phone like games and stuff like that?

Son Goku

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Do you know what file format this would be accepting...and is there a way to interface this with your computer? I would think one could browse/google online for some images that could look decent in the smaller format, shrink it down to size, save it to a compatible file format, and then upload to the phone. I haven't tried doing this however (and as of late with school and all, didn't have the money to continue my cell phone service), and am not sure what file type the phone works with, so can't confirm this from experience.

Edit: This site says they're free and does have a list of ring tones

I bought myself an IR dongle, so now I can load whatever song I want pretty much (midi) and whatever wallpaper I like. It also makes it possible to sync calendar and address book. Bluetooth dongle also works if your phone supports it.

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