Cebit 2003 - MSFN covers it for you today



Thought id let some of you know that were covering them today and if anyone wants to post some question you can.

Cebit 2003 - MSFN Special Report

Today is show time folks. A thread in the forum (Community) is available to post your questions and comments. We will telephone any requests to Amplier, MSFN Roving Reporter, who will be standing-by uploading photos of the event that will be available late this afternoon or no later than Sunday.

Cebit 2003 is in Hannover, Germany (March 12 - 19, 2003) and MSFN is there bringing you the latest and greatest in future IT, Telecommunications, Software, Security, and much much more!
To post question feel free to post them Here

Apologies if some think this is spamming. Just offering answers to new tech stuff for yah guys. Guest enabled so you dont have to register


yah i know. I hardly get time lately with MSFN more less other sites.

Darn woman always on me about "You love that thing more then me" refering to my PC....I say "HEY!, dont talk to her that way":D


My wifey lets me play with my toys... as long she lets me.

/me goes into the corner and becomes CornerBoy.
/me waits for wifey to tell me when I can come out to play...


/me wonders what Jewelzz's is thinking... then again, no I dont want to know.... /me goes running away screaming!!!!!


actually we made this deal a while ago. I get all day saturday and a few hours when I get home from work...But on sunday no PC at all. Its usually a movie day. We rent like 3-4 movies and just chill on the couch pumping up the digital surrond off a DVD movie.

Hey it keeps her happy

Nick M

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Good link! I will be watching for coverage pictures, I'm interested :)

One of our members, Zedric, is going there, hopefully he will take some as well.


yah the problem we ran into was time. The place was packed and getting on a PC to upload pictures was nuts.

Weve got about 100-120 pictures and should be uploaded tonight or earlie morning.

Also got a few video displaying certain items. Should be interesting


Married or just living in sin... ?? Sounds very familiar to my marriage. Movie night but I get almost all the computer time I need. I work with them for a living so she dont complain. Always a balancing act but shes a great chick.

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No makeup in this world can make your big pink head look this good... :p
Kidding m8.
I think some m8 of EP is also going there, maybe he'll bring us back some nice coverage.
Originally posted by Nick M
One of our members, Zedric, is going there, hopefully he will take some as well.
I'm back now. :) I've taken some pictures but they need to be developed first. A friend of mine had a digital camera so those pics are up, but I don't think he wants me to link to his computer. :)

I'll get back with more info later.

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