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CDRW problem




i have optorite 40x12x40x cdrw and have clone cd and nero burning rom

it was workin ok till few days ago. the problem is that everytime i burned a audio cd (it doesnt matter if i do a copy on the fly or make an image of the audio cd) the last song or the last 2 or 3 songs get this damn noise that make impossible to listen to the cd......if i burn a data cd is the same thing last files are damage.......i try using different blank cds and get the same results.......the noise i get in the audios cds are like a high pitch noise........the thing is that it seems the cds get damage when the software is closing the cds...any ideas????


The Analog Kid
try burning at a slower speed

also try a very good brand cdr, taiyo yuden or mitsui

is there a firmware update for your drive

up to date aspi layer?

just some suggestions


thanks but i already try:

burning at a slower speed, a very good brand.......i need to update the aspi layers and the firmware dont know aboout that need to check

but if it was workin ok why suddenly stop workin ok?


maybe an alignment problem with laser??

i have heard that some probs exists with the very latest ASPI ...4.72 version


The Analog Kid
have you installed any burning software recently?

try installing nero and see what happens. Probably the best burning software and also installs it's own aspi.

But unfortunately, it does sound like your burner is dead.


thanks dreamliner77 but if you look in my post i said that i have clone cd and nero burning rom.......but what u said is what i was thinkin........i think cdrw is dead or at least almost......but anyway it has warranty
I’ve seen so many posts regarding problems with XP and various CD burning software issues. I’m sure of one thing and that there are still unresolved issues with XP and CD writing. It used to be the case that as XP had it’s own devices (and drivers) for burning CD’s that any third party software like the ones you mention could not co-exist with as the drivers were grabbing the same areas of memory which XP did not detect. This was supposed to have been fixed in service pack one. But still problems are reported everywhere that XP bulletin boards exist on the Internet.

OK there are also problems with the software used to correct miss-aligned lasers which are more common than is realised also the plastic package that the reader lens is enclosed in is susceptible to dust distortions during the manufacturing process and if you smoke you should run one of those cleaning disks once a week (not month).

Only run Nero 5.5 or higher, remove all other CD burning software (uninstall).

Switch off the XP burning service from the computer management consul do not set it to auto, disable it.



XP burning service is disable, first thing i did....i will try uninstalling clonecd and using only nero and see what happens......thanks. but still i dont think that is the problem.......the thing is that the pc where the cdrw is install it is from a friend the cdrw is relative new few months old
but my friend have been really putting the cdrw under extremly used like burning 200+ cds a week ( he do photo work and sh*t)
so i was thinkin that maybe he damage it!!
All burning softwares can coexist. This is an old myth perpetuated because at one time they couldn't. Even that ogre EZCD5 usually has no problem coexisting. At the moment I have:
EZCD5, Nero, CLoneCD, Fuerio, CDRWin, EAC and Sony CDExtreme all on my system. No probs.


Double O Egghead

if you want to check your aspi

The first thing to check is to make sure that you have a fully functional set of driver files. Adaptec has produced a tool called ASPICHK which will tell you all about the health and version numbers of the drivers on your system.

The Adaptec upgrade ASPI drivers for Win98/ME and WinNT/2000/XP is called ASPI_v472A2.EXE (newest since this page was last modified) and the last time we checked, the URL was:

hope it helps

you might also want to check nero and disable overburn its in the menu's


I wouldn't tell people to go with adaptec's ASPI 4.72, It has been proven to be very buggy. The AspiCheck is a good idea though. If possible try to find ASPI 4.60 or 4.70. Both are stable.


well....try almost everything nothing seems to work so i am thinkin that the burner is dead.........latest aspi, use nero alone, install other software still i get the same results......last songs of the cd get damage........if i burned data same thing....problem seems to be when the software is closing the cd dont know why...well thanks to everybody that gave his 2 cents keep u inform if i get a new burner in a xchange :)
Try putting in a new IDE cable. Maybe something went wrong with it. Happened to me before, noise of some sort weird stuff really, put in new cable, all was well.


damn didnt think of that.....anyway i take it to the dealer so he will check it out that or give me a new one :)

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