CDRW changes my data to read only



I don't know if this is a problem I'm having with XP or with my CDRW drive or with some other software.

I want to use CDRW discs to back up my frequently used files in Quicken, Word, Excel, etc. I figured it would work like backing up to floppy discs, you can back up onto the same disc numerous times.

I had a lot of problems at first - with Word I got "cannot save this file. make sure disc is not full etc." and with Quicken, "cannot access the media" (or something similar). Finally I realized I had to (duh) format the CDRW disc, so I did, using Direct CD (took 30 minutes). Now I can "save as" to the D drive from within those programs just fine. But when I attempt to back up again later, it won't write over an existing file on the CDRW nor will it let me change the contents of these files as they have mysteriously become "read-only." I did not save them as read-only, and the original files in their folders on my desktop are not read-only.

The files become read-only whether I drag-and-drop or save from within a program. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Direct CD. What do I try next?? Why is this happening?? I'm a good person, I don't deserve this.....

Thanks in advance,
That's normal, files writen to CD's have the attribute bit set 'R' when you write a new file to a folder on a CDRW it actually alters the header only and changes the address of the file location, unlike a floppy or HD the actual area is only overwritten on a format or full erase of the CD.

You therefore don't find a facility in programs to 'move' from CD to HD you can however copy all day long.

CD's not being very quick devices are not really good substitutes for HD type work, they are good storage mediums due to size and transpotability.