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cdrw causing slowdown and hanging



I recently upgraded to xp and everything was going swimmingly until I decided to install WinOnCD, not knowing that it was unsupported by xp. Needless to say it got funny with me, so I uninstalled it.
This had the effect of completly screwing up the drivers for both my dvd and cdrw. There were a range of error reports produced mainly to do with soem dodgy files such as cdr4_2k.
When it got to the stage I was having problems getting windows to run I gave in, formated my harddrive and started again.
Now I've got a clean install of xp and it is still running slowly, when I try looking in device manager at my cdrw (plextor 1210) my pc just hangs, but it says the drivers are OK.
I've now disconnected my cdrw and everythings working fine. I can't understand that when I first installed xp I could use my cdrw no probs, and now with a second clean install its giving me grief.

Sorry about the life story, but I can't see any reason for it.


I formated my hard drive when I reinstalled. Which is the main reason why I'm baffled that the probs reacurring.
Go into device manager and unistall it. Make sure you have all of the hotfixes installed. power down, unplug the drive. reboot, power down, plug the drive back in an boot again. Hopefully through all of that XP will pick it back up and install it correctly.

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