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Hi. Happy New Year.

After a month of my cdrom not working I decided to do a system restore. the restore was effective and the cdrom worked again, for like 2 tries only. Now its the same thing: put a disk in and 'please insert disk in drive' message appears. Is there NO way to fix this. I have bought a new cdrom and that did NOT work. I have a licensed version of xp professional with a cdwriter and a cdrom. THe writer works fine which I use for installing and playing cd's for now. BUT I cannot make any copies of a cd from drive to drive. My secondary IDE channel is set to Device 0 PIO Only and Device 2 DMA....

try this:

Microsoft NewsGroup

My Toshiba SD-R1002 DVD/CD-R was stuck in PIO mode lately, I did what this guy suggested and it worked. Just back up that part of your registry first, of course :) - But, it worked for me - back in DMA on both disc drives... Maybe it would help you too...

That tweak does jack.
When I put a cd in the drive it lights up and the hard drive seems to be searching which last for a minute or two. While this is happening the computer hesitates for a couple minute until the cd and hard drives stop communicating or whatever the two are doing. Then the 'please insert cd in drive' appears.

my burner did that till i got it under pio both in xp and bios
Nah. My Bios doesnt feature a PIO DMA selection for the secondary IDE Channel. What else works?

So I guess I am the only one that cant figure out how to fix it?
Can anyone help? I rather not write the same thread in all the forums.
Do you have your newest bios flashed in? Newest 4in1's (if you have the VIA chipset)? If you have the VIA chipset you can also try the mini-port drivers (LAST resort, and be sure to create a system restore point first).

Do you have Nero installed? If so, use the search engine, above right, and type in 'nero' to look for solutions to nero related problems.
I dont know if I have the VIA chipset. I have an SiS 530 motherboard. Nero is NOT installed. I have EZCD.

Actually the version is K7SEM 1.1 5/31/2001
I believe it might use the via chipset but I would not know the first thing about updating hte flash bios. I dont want to fry my board.

Ah! ^^^^ needed that, I'll go looking.

The SIS 530 only refers to your chipset (it's not VIA). You need to find the manufacturer of your mainboard and see what kind of driver/bios updates they have for it.
It looks like you have an ECS motherboard. Use this link to get to thier site:

When you get there click on the 'download' link at the top. On the page that comes up, click on the 'bios' link. This will take you to a page with a grunch of bios's for different model boards. Pay particular attention to these instructions:

Heed the Warning! Make sure you read these instructions all the way through. Read them until you understand what to do.

You also have some updated XP drivers for your board available, so snag up on them while you're there.

No question is silly when it comes to flashing your bios so feel free to ask. Just be sure to read everything first so you're asking educated questions.
Yeah Lonman, I need to d/l the flash utility, I got that. And the service BIOS is the program file? Is that all I need those 2 files?

that and a clean boot-disk to put them on. You'll have to do the flash from a dos boot, DON'T run that baby from windows, or from a windows command window... it has to be done from a cold boot to the diskette.
Im going to give it a go. Rather than mysefl flashing the BIOS i will have the computer store do it. Then what is this supposed to accomplish. Id like to know before I spend 45 bucks on labor.

Go back to the site and see what the newest versions are supposed to accomplish. It's difficult to say exactly what the new bios will do for you as each revision for that board is written specifically FOR that board.

It may not help you with your original problem at all. But if it is needed, all the tinkering in the world won't fix your problem.

I'd flash it for $25, lol. Good luck.

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