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cd-rw problems

Evil Marge

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Can anyone help?????I've successfully burn't 3 cd-rw with music and they have all auto-ran in my cd-drive and worked perfectly well on WMP.BUT.....I did another on last night and now my computer will not recognise that it is in the cd-drive and will not play. All the others still do so I tried burn,t another one incase it was a faulty disc but still it does not recognise it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am using EASY CD CREATER BASIC 5.3 which I updated with the latest XP drivers.PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME,I'M PULLING MY HAIR OUT!!!!!!!! :eek: :eek:


Are you burning Track-At-Once or Disc-At-Once? This can be the difference. Also, why are you burning music to CD-RW? Most people who make CD-Audio disc use CD-Rs


nero for this

the answer is simple, changes your Cd easy créator by nero burning you will see that functions well looks your of same in the service of the applications that the service of gravage of XP is not activated any more greetings


I personally would not use Easy CD creator, i have used this in the past and it seems to create more coasters than anything else.
I would recommend that you use Nero instead as this is far more reliable.

If you want a program to copy (i mean backup of course??) i would only use CloneCD.

Also when making music cd's try to only use CDR's and not CDRW's as a lot of ordinary cd players will not read CDRW disks properly.

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