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CD-Rom Error?



The other day i turned on my computer and whenever i put a disc or any other type of disc into the cd-rom and cd-rw and go into my computer to run the files or program, the drives are not there. The drives that are suppose to be there are the (D:) and (E:) drive. I typed them in run but it couldn't locate them. So i right clicked on the drives and it said they were working inproperly so. I check windows updates and I had all the updates. The error read, " Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged (code 19). What is the problem??? this is what i have LG-CD-ROM CRD-8483B and Mitsumi CR-4804TE. I also did a restore point but still nothing and I hardly ever mess with my registry.

I appreciate anyone's help.


I forgot to mention, i re-installed the drivers for them and rolled back drivers, and tried to update them and there was no updates for them, neither of this stuff worked.

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Have you tried removing the cd rom altogether through device manager, not just the driver? Try that & let windows pick it up as new hardware.


I tried that and it found the hardware but still dont see the drives in my computer? :(


I'm not that experienced in hardware repairing and connecting cords in my CPU. I'm only 15yrs old, could you recommend any procedures or websites that tell me what to look out for?


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anyway you can find out your motherboard model number? it would be in the paperwork that came with your computer or right on the motherboard, itself.

to find out if it's a via chipset, see the attached image and look in the highlighted places in your device manager. if you see "VIA" anywhere i have highlighted, try to download those drivers i told you about and install them.



Haven't done this in a while, but here goes...

Aaron, don't be too scared. It's the wide grey cables that you can see leading from the rear of the cd units. You can unplug them from these units rather than from the motherboard for reconfiguring purposes, if you don't want to risk damage to the m/b. Make sure you ground yourself on the case each time before sticking your hand inside, to discharge any static in your body.

Just shutdown puter, open case, unplug cables from rear of cd units, noting which way round they go (not the power ones, not necessary, just the grey flat ones), then reboot, then shutdown, re-connect ONE cd unit cable (or connector if they are both on one cable), and then reboot again, letting Windows detect it etc. Once it has done this, repeat for the second unit, and voila, done!

Hope this works. :D
Anyone else feel free to jump in if I missed something!


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