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CD-R/W Software question



I had posted a question in the Hardware forum which was partially answered, and has led me to this question:

I guess I need to get some CD-R/W software, one that allows me to erase or write over data on a CDRW disc. This is for backup purposes, I back up important data once a month to the same disk, overwriting last months older data.

So far I've been using the built in burning utility inside XP Pro, but it doesn't offer the ability to erase the disc contents, not that I've found anyway, so it seems I need some 3rd party software.

Ok, now onto my question finally:
Nero INCD (spelling?) was recommended and I want to know, does it use some method of data writing that only allows playback of the data while using Nero? In other words, can I write data to a CDRW disc, take the disk to a computer which doesn't have Nero INCD (?) and will that PC read the files perfectly? Then in the end, still be able to erase data or at least overwrite it back on my own computer with the Nero program?

I guess what I'm asking is, once written, is Nero INCD (?) required to even read the files?

If so, is there a better program you folks could recommend, which is not proprietary?


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hehe :p , here depends if your burned has burn-proof for taking data from other pc's ( networked ) without any error .

I highly recommend WinONCD 3.8 and at least Nero ( final versions as possible ) .



This might give you some insight into InCD - I do believe it answers your question about using it on another computer!

If I am not mistaken, Nero is one program and InCD is a totally separate program. Both made by AHEAD!



Hi if you burn a CD/RW using INCD from NERO you did'nt used to be able to view it on another P.C without INCD but NERO now have a small file which you can download from there website(listed link in hte help menu in NERO) which if install on any other P.C'S you will be able to read your INCD burned CD/RW'S.
Bear in mind when using the original NERO a 730mb CD/RW is formated to hold about 700mb of your data but using INCD due to the size of the packet writing file it will be between 500mb-600mb probily somewhere around 550mb,so you do lose some disc space.
Hope this helps.


I'm not taking the p**s

But why don't you use regular CDR's they are about 30pence (re-writables were for the days when a blank disk was £15 quid. these days - I have a rewritable that burns a 16 speed, but for a re-writable it wanted 30 minutes to format.

Secondly if you are not burning much why not just make it a multi-session and burn over last months data in the process?

Sorry I just don't understand any more when I have the option to do a whole 700MB in 3-4 mins for pocket change or wait hours.



Re: I'm not taking the p**s

Originally posted by robin.munro
But why don't you use regular CDR's
I agree with ya Robin - I used to have InCD on my old puter and I had more trouble with the RW's than they are worth.

For the price of a CDR now a days - why go through the hassle of the format?

I have not had much experience with the RW's - but I have been told they tend to have a nasty habit of losing data - like it becomes corrupted somehow!

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