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does anyone know how to find the cd-key installed on a comp. the reason i ask is my dad bought a cpu from one of his friends with xp pro already installed but it "mysteriously" had auto updating turned off and any links to it were deleted. im curious whether or not this is an illegal copy and dont want to get f*** ed when i update it. i cant remember how devils own cd-key starts (FCK or something?) but i would like to be able to recognize it as illegal if i see it and install a legit copy if turns out to be illegal. P.S. i dont want to reformat and install a million progs but can I re-install and just enter the legit cd-key (if prompted) over the "potentially" illegal cd-key?? Thanks

The Devils Own cd-key starts with FCKGW, so now you'll be able to recognize it. If your XP has the Devils Own key, you will be able to use the auto-update feature, but you can't install the service pack.
If you reinstall your windows you can use a legit key when you are asked for it, but remember you will also have to activate your windows once again.
To find out wich cd-key is used on your XP, try the program tweak-xp. You can find it here

Hope this helps :D
I don't know it for sure. I heard it somewhere else, but if you use the Devils Own cd-key Tweak-xp will give this number:
55679-640-0000356-23979 as windows XP serial. So with Tweak-xp you can know if you use the Devils Own cd-key.


iceman, you beat me to it! i was just going to ask the same thing. i have v 1.23 and i dont know where to find it. do you need the newest version to be able to find the cd-key? thanx


I don't use tweakxp, but the serial is the same as the product id. The prod id is derived from a formula applied to the cdkey, but I don't think you could work backwards to find the cdkey. The prod id can be found in the registry or in system properties, so TweakXP is just making your life a little easier.

Right click on my computer and in the "Registered to:" section, below the name is the product id; a.k.a. serial.
Powerchordpunk u are right of course, but I like doing stuff the hard way.

sboulema how sure are u about the serial number for the devil's own copy?


hey sboulema, is that the same serial number as you find under the general tab in system properties(right clicking on my computer)?? if my serial # is different than the one you said tweak-xp will recognize as devils own (in one of your previous posts), does it mean my copy is a legit copy? Thanx for your help!
Tweak-xp will give the same serial as system properties. If your # is different you know that you don't use the Devils Own cd-key. Your Version of XP can still be illegal, because there are more illegal serials, but the Devils Own is the most used.

It's called Devils Own, because that's the name of the hackers group that hacked Windows XP.
The only way to know you are using a legit version is to use the serial that you find on a sticker on your computer or on the case of your cd. :D


Is it possible to change the PID cuz i have 2 pc's and on one of them i have the devil's own and on the other i have a legit OEM copy which messes up my system.

So what i wanted to do was take the OEM PID and replace the devil's own with it.

Is it possible?

/edit... keep the langauge clean. thx Lonman
I think if you copy the OEM pid and paste it with Tweak-XP over the Devils Own key, that it might work. I am not 100% sure (never tried it), but I think it is possible. The biggest advantage you get is that you will be able to install the SP1.

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