CD/DVD not recongised by XP Pro, disk not detected



Hello, this seems to be an hard one to find.

Place a CD in either my CD writer or DVD, go to My Computer, no autoplay occurs, I select the icon, it says "please insert disk", and of course it is in there. If I re-start I can see the disk. But it will not update if I put another disk in.

Any of my other apps work fine with the CD writer or DVD player, i.e. Easy CD, Power DVD and MusicMatch to name a few. All of those apps see the disc, I can burn, etc, no problem.

It is like the XP OS is not getting the "drive ready" and reading the disk.

Would this have anything to do with having to "force" the ASPI layer?, as I know the files are not with XP. I don't want to try it in case it screws everything up. A friend tried it and got a code 19 for his CD drives and nothing worked. For him it was a re-install.

Any help would be appreciated.



1.Have you been to windows Update there is a patch for this issue

2.Upgrade the firmware on Your CD Drive

3. Upgrade your motherboard IDE drivers etc


Thanks for the response zman.

1. yes latest and greatest, I assume you are referring to the patch that came out about a week after XP was introduced. Regardless, I checked last night nothing available, up to date.

2. I have a HP 8100i, I know its old(LOL), firmware is 1.0g. I don't believe HP has a new version. For my Pioneer 16X I don't know if the firmware can be upgraded.

3. yes, lastest IDE Intel drivers for XP including the accelerator application.

The CD & DVD drives work fine with the other apps, that's the wierd part.



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Try turning off DMA and reboot. That should cure the problem

I've had similar problems that were solved when I disabled DMA, especially on older drives.


it's fixed, it's really fixed

I finally found the problem although it wasn't obvious, it makes sense.

I forced my HP Cd writer to a diiferent drive letter. I changed it from D: to F:. CDs in the drive are now recognised immeadiately, autoplay now works correctly, all is well.

If we think way back this is how M/S defined drive letters;
A & B for floppies and C & D for hard drives, then E & F for CDs , ZIP drives, etc. I am not sure but I think XP incorrectly assigns the D: drive letter(reserved for Hard drives) to the CD drives.

I hope this helps other users.

Also I noted if you do not have the Intel Accelerator App. you will not have the advanced settings tab when to look at the primary / secondary controller in hardware devices. (it is removed when the Acc. is installed) To change the DMA, PIO or UDMA status you use the Accelerator App. The line is "Transfer Mode", I think it is the only option that you can change. If you have an Intel chipset you can use this App.

If anyone has another explantion of why this fixed the problem pls share it.



where can I find the intel accelerator app

where can I find the intel accelerator app?????


Hi, you can get it at the Intel site. Of course you have to have an Intel chipset. Like mine is the 815EP set. Use your chipset numbers to find the correct version of the application.

By the way this did not fix my problem. I have proven after many hours of trouble shooting. If you boot or restart with the DVD movie or a data disk in the CD ROM then everything works fine. The volume is updated in MY Computer each time, it can play the movie or read the disk.

There are so many users that have this problem I can't believe M/S hasn't come up with a fix.

I didn't have this problem when I initialy installed XP.

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