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CD/DVD Drive help


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My computer has a DVD/CD and CD drive. I recently bought a LightScribe drive. I placed it in the cd slot. Hooked up the IDEE to it. It was the second connector on the strip and is marked "slave." The master goes to the DVD drive. When I closed it up and booted the machine, there was no drive showing at all? I opened it back up and reinstalled the CD drive (on the slave connection as before.) I changed out the original DVD and replaced it with the LightScribe DVD. Every thing worked perfect! But, if I could figure out how to do it, I would like to have the other DVD/CD drive in the computer, rather than the CD drive that I tried to take out at first and had to reinstall. Reason being, is that the LightScribe drive burns my slideshows soooo slow that it is a real hassle. But, if I had the other DVD in the machine also, I could burn my show with it in half the time, and then use the LightScribe for labelling the disk. I hope this makes sense and someone can tell me what I can do in order for it to work properly.

Two possibilities-
1) You probably just need to set the jumpers on the lightscribe for slave.
2) I saw something somewhere about lightscribe and some older dvd drives wanting to be master or they would not show up. Or sometimes older DVDs would not co-exist with another dvd drive. 1) is more likely though.

Plan B is you can use the CS setting on all drives if you are sure you have a CS type cable (CS cables have the ID wires swapped betwen the two connectors).


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The IDEE strap has the master on the end. It originally went to the DVD/CD (top) drive. The slave was on the same strap about 6 inches from the end. It originally hooked to the CD drive. I have the LightScribe in the top where the old DVD drive was and the Master connection is hooked to it. The slave is hooked back to the original CD drive as before. If I take out the CD drive and install the other (original) DVD/CD drive as I am wanting to do, how do I go about having it show up on the computer as a valid drive?


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you have to look at the jumper on the drive itself, look at the picture I posted. If this is not set to slave than it won't see it. you have to move the jumper physically on the drive.


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I should have asked. How do you set the jumper on the DVD drive to slave? On the rear of the drive there is a six pin (3 on top and 3 on bottom) recessed horizontal connector. It points to the first two pins as "cable select" The have a green plastic sort of device covering them. The next two pins say "slave." The last two pins say "master." What do I do?

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