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CD Drive gone AWOL, dead?


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
ARRRGGGGGGHHHH! I was so clode to havign this system I am turning around sorted - at the last moment it seems to have thwarted me, yet again!

I need to make a final reformat to go to XP Pro - went out this morning and got upgrade disc - came back, put it in and booted - a bit of whirring but then nothing.....

I start to wonder - type in the D:\setup.exe fromt eh run prompt - nothing

go to My computer and ARGGGGHHhhh no CD!

Does this mean the CD has died on me just when I have to have it?!!! :mad:

Been back to BIOS and tried to force it to detect it, seems like during the POST and boot no secondary IDE is detected at all.

I have seen a few threads that have dealt with things like this and there has been some software level fix that resolved - but I am having doubts in my case. Is it time to strta going into that case and seeing if I can replace the drive from my old Win98 machine? I am dreading this - it is a slimline ("low-profile") case and I have no idea how easy this kind of thing is going to be - this is driving me nuts - sorry to ramble....

PS I did search tot try and find some of those threads, but no luck so far so I wanted to post up my problem/query.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
WHOOO HOOOooo me happy again - it was refound.... no idea why that happened, anyone care to guess? Nothing was loose, but an added bonus, took the toruble to unscrew CPU fan and found dustball city - maybe it will run coler now and resolve those BSODs into the bargain? (I'm reluctant to suspect RAM since it is Criucial brand and only about 18 months old I think)

Repo pointos for Taggert ;)


Is it dispalyed in system properties? If so remove it reboot it.

If not you can always go ahead with a format and boot from cd rom drive and see it reappears. You're smart enough to have checked all plugs, bells and whistles are working before coming to satisfy yourself that the cd rom drive is brown bread (dead) or cable is burnt out.

Try a different cd rom, as you know a new cd rom is easily bought for under £20, might be a blessing in disguise, getting a new one.

Hope you sort it.

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