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CD data problem


The One and Only
Is there a program that can read data that is on a CD even if Windows cannot detect it? I can't seem to find the CD i copied the pre-release build of Longhorn on, but now i found a CD that seems like it's the one i put it on, but Windows cannot read it. the CD Autorun doesn't pop up, but i can see from the bottom of the disc that SOMETHING big was written to it.


The Analog Kid
I know there are programs that will access the disk and just try to pull raw data off of it, just can't think of any off the top of my head.

One thing you could try to do is open up nero, pop the disk in and see if nero see's anything on it


Political User
i doubt this deals with the problem, but i remember seeing a problem similar to yours. i remember if you used banned registration data for CDRWIN 3.8, that the burn would produce an unreadable blob of data...it would go thru the burn cycle, and everything would seem fine until you went to see what was burnt.. and ya.. it was x megs of nothing...

perhaps other cdr programs use this form of protection against people who do not purchase their software legally..

as far as reading the data, i wouldnt know. but if you are using cdrwin, consider using something else...

just a heads up a i guess


The One and Only
well, i believe that was the CD i copied Longhorn onto. and if it was, then it did work once. i even found a program to try to get the data that should be on the cd off of it, but it didn't help. it knew something was there, but couldn't access it. No biggy. found a more recent version of Longhorn on the web. Thx anyway guys.

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