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Cd Creator


The Analog Kid
I just reinstalled EZ CD creator 5 Platinum. Had to update to 5.1 as per Roxio website (the old XP updates are gone)

Now I can't write cd Text.

I know, its not a major problem, but it was always nice seeing as my car stereo and DVD player both display cd text

Anyone know how to fix this?

Okay, now I'm pissed off. I can't burn cd's

I get to track three and the buffer runs out and the operation quits on me. C'mon, this can't be right. I actually bought this software and would like it to work! And I'm just not that big of a Nero fan
Dreamliner...I know i'm the man and all...and I hate to say this..but EZ CD Creator + WinXP = worst combo ever (said in the voice of the simpsons comic book guy)

I know some of you EZ cd creator lovers will disagree with me but there are whole SITES and FORUMS dedicated to the problems that EZ CD Creator has with XP...Roxio needs to do a full rebuild..but remember this is my opinion only


The Analog Kid
you know, I think you are right. I guess I will just have to learn to love another burning software. Maybe I should spend some quality time with Nero

"Beer. Now there's a temporary solution." -Homer Simpson


Jus My say

I have had NO PROBLEMS runnin xp pro with easy cd creator 5 platinum not even with the updates :D but for alas its everythin else that goes wrong :(


well when i installed it i did it normally not reboot then went to the update site n did the xp 1 not reboot then i did the update itself then i rebooted n then i applyed the xp update again just to make sure :) and i think it did coz no probs


not to build hopes up but i might have the update sum where ;) so ill have alook sum back up if i got it ill pm u

I should have PM enabled now, so you can PM me. I would appreciate it. I stay as far away from messenger as I can..,
Feel free to IM on AIM if you want
sn = dreamliner77

Here's an Idea I had also. Does anyone know what else I should remove from the registry after uninstalling cd creator?

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