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I have Windows XP Proffesional and when i install this program and restart like it says to do Windows disables the program because it says its not compatible with XP. In doing this Windows doesn' t allow me to install all the neccesary upgrades to make it compatible . How can i stop Windows from doing this action ? Is thier something i can do that Windows would not be able to detect the istallation henceforth allowing me to install the necessary updates?I would also opt for suggestions on any other Cd burning software that also allow you too format a cd and use your Cd burner as storage via drag and drop or copying for my hardrive but mainlt drag and drop because i save many new files to disk so, incase my computer crashes i just can reinstall all my great app and favorites and so on.Anybody that can help please help me suggestions are great to if this prob cant be solved im sure their must be othr great Cd software out thier i just havent tried them,thanks in advance for all help to resolve this issue thanks.


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I never had that problem installing v5. Don't know what could be causing it other than some other software but what who knows. XP has it's own direct CD that you could use till you figure the problem out.


Thanks for the suggestion Hipster Dufus your the best im gonna check if thier Cd software can format a Cd into a disc that i can drag and drop data too thanks for the suggestion. Ps. you must be the quickest guy on here who replys to post this the 2nd time helped mad quick thanx. :)


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I had the same problem..I just uninstalled that stupid big program and kicked out of my pc...recently, I am using nero 5.9
small easy to problems at all.


Thanks Octopus im going to look that software up and see what it offers thanks for the help.


with EasyCD5 Plat. When you 1st install it, you MUST select CUSTOM install and DESELCT the TAKETWO program, to stop it from being installed. Then after a reboot, XP goes nuts and says cannot find compatible drives.

Click CLOSE or CANCEL to any messages that appear.

Then install the latest sp4 update form Roxio. after another reboot, all should be ok.


Ok i will try that $tUy_B the most comprehensive details i have gotten so far thank you very much i will be back with an update soon. :)


ezcd platinum problems

you need to install the latest roxio update which is ezcd plat 5.3,and everything will be fine

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