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Cd Copyer


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I have heard of all kinds of programs that copy cds, like burning music or game cds.

Now i really need one to do this stuff, i was wondering what is the best free program the burn cds ?

Opinons please too !
Nero is a good program - http://www.nero.com/, which a lot of people like to use and this will do all you need, but it can be a bit daunting to new users. You can get a fully working version from the site above.

Another is Easy CD Creator 5, http://www.roxio.com/en/products/ecdc/index.jhtml, which is a LOT easier to use but also comes with a price tag too.

And finally the one i use, CDRWin, from http://www.goldenhawk.com, whic again is free (but limited to 2x Recording speed until you buy it). I find this the best of the bunch just because its full of features and easy to use.


TheBlueRaja... shame on you. suggesting easy cd... bah
nah, it works but I wouldn't suggest it to anyone cept my grandma
go with nero

hefty lefty

mmmmm Elby soft is there anything they cant do?

yep clone cd is THEEE 1 to 1 cd copier
ass-u-ming that youve got the right Burner of course visit
here http://elby.ch/english/products/clone_cd/writers/a.html
I dont use clony xxl because clonecd seems do just fine by itself
also if you look around forums on clonecd people have all the right settings for various new protections.

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