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Cathode placement question


The One and Only
before i start...... think we should have a topic in the forums for case modding...... although it doesn't seem like we get all that many case modding questions around here.

Ok..... since i got my new hardware, and got my Zalman CNPS9500 AM2.... i've been thinking "man does it look odd with a blue LED case fan, and a green LED CPU fan". now, however.... i've been thinking that it might have a possibility of looking pretty freakin sweet (sadly these things aren't easily tested....). Here's my idea. since i got this new case (Ultra Aluminus Mid-tower).... the LED from the CPU fan lights up pretty much whatever starts around the middle of the case where the motherboard sits (middle by judging from rear-end of the fan itself, to the edge of the hard drive cage) with a dim green light, while the case fan semi-brightly lights up the rear half of the case, where the CPU fan light doesn't shine at all.

here's a pic of my case, with 2 blue lines where i'm thinking of putting 4" Blue cold cathode's, and a long green line for a 15" green cold cathode (which will be only slightly hidden by the metal plate with Ultra engraved in the side, and the very bottom edge of the case.... the rest will be out in the open). what i'm HOPING it will do is kind of create a line down the middle, just behind the fan on the CPU cooler, with a transition straight from blue to green. any of you think it will work out how i'm picturing it?

edit: figured i'd add another pic to show the kind of effect it has right now. the light from the blue LED fan is kinda overpowering.... but i'm hoping that if i put a green cold cathode in there... it might even it out a tad.


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The One and Only
so........ anyone have any opinions into the matter? i believe it might work out how i want it to..... but i'm not 100% sure. don't wanna do it if it might look like crap.


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Personally I think it would look really odd, since blue and green make cyan. Obviously it wont look like pure cyan, but rather a oddly mixed cyan like color.

It might be worth your time to figure out what color you like more, and go buy some LED from a hardware store (or online) and make it a project to swap out the LED's on one of the fans. Without actually having eithe product I couldnt tell you if it would be even possible or how hard it would be.

With cathodes, you can always buy new bulbs for pretty cheap. So you can always change colors later. I think bulbs are around 6 dollars.


The One and Only
well.... colors of light don't often mix..... least not that i've noticed.....

and i don't think i can really change the LED's on the CPU fan without ruining the CPU fan.....

might just order them and see how it goes.....

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