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CATALYST 7.1 Vista Drivers


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Well =, the time has come, and not too late either, ATI have released the egally awaited drivers from Windows Vista. the drivers are available for 32-bit and 64-bit, released 29, Jan 2007.

http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html just select the version of Vista you currently have and/or intend to purchase.

Other updates AWAITING
Intel, nothing updated as of yet.
Creative, Same here, although I have a feeling this may be after Vista has been released.
Nvidia, nothing from these either that I can see.
Epson, nothing as of yet.
HP, nothing as of yet.

These could be available as of tomorrow or the end of the week, depending on when developers can take their finger out of their...? and produce driver updates. I am always puzzled by the lack of announcments for drivers from developers when a new OS necomes available, in the final stages of launching.
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http://www.laptopvideo2go/ has a bunch of nvida vista graphics drivers. Currently 100.54 + modded inf is available as of yesterday when I checked. work great for me on my 7800GTX.

Edit: rumour over there suggests 100.56 will be the release build - perhaps EP could poke his friendly nvidia pr person.


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I was using 100.51 for about two days, and just updated to the 100.54 drivers the other day and I have to say Vista driver support is getting pretty good. There are still a lot of features missing and some minor problems with certain games (same problems with XP drivers though). The performance is right around XP, but some games feel smoother such as RainbowSix Vegas.

Its good to see ATI getting some feature rich drivers out, I'm curious however how their performance is versus XP & versus the 100.54 for the green camp. If ATI gets crossfire working *properly* before Nvidia gets SLI working hopefully it will lite a fire under Nvidias ass to get it done.
Well I've already decided on switching to ATI for video and Auzentech for sound as at least Auzentech has stated they will have fully openal compliant drivers for vista first week of feb.

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