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catalyst 3.2 drivers?



i need the control panel for them to dont i?

well i only really play one game and thats bf1942 and when i played this game with the 3.2`s it ran perfect now with the new drivers its stuttering and jerky so im gonna give the 3.2`s another go.


which do i install firs the driver or the control panel?

and thanks for the links ive got what i wanted.
ah.. understandable fitfella29

The control panel however is on most if not all versions of the drivers. Someone correct me please if im wrong :confused:

But ive had issues like that when i had my geforce card. The older drivers worked better

What ATI card are you using?
9700 pro :confused: .. wow, its unusual that such a new graphics card requires a set of old drivers for best performance. I would of thought that the 3.7 would help it :confused: nevermind :p

full of suprises :p

Alex :cool:
About the drivers and the control panel.. i dont think it really matters on what to install first. I thought that the control panel and the drivers were intregrated with one another and that you just tick the box in the installation screen and it will install the items that are checked. But if not, im sure i dont think it matters what is first, possibly drivers would be helpful to be first installed then the control panel

Alex :cool:

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