Case for DFI board

I'm thinking about getting this board

and I will need a case to fit it. I looked at the dimensions of the board and apparently this case wont fit it even though I really want it!

Arg, well anyhow are the dimensions on the site true, or will it fit after all?
If not what are some good cases out there that will fit the 12" x 9.6" board

If you are suggesting a case here are my needs

-No need for included power supply
-Gotta have some cool lights
-Good air flow (which means it includes fans)



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What makes you think the MB won't fit in your prefered case?
-Both have 7 slots.
-Both support the ATX standard.

Did the fact they have the height and width numbers reversed confuse you?
12 x 9.6 vs 11 x 12

From the Aspire site:
Main Board Standard ATX / Baby AT / Micro ATX

I also got blow ups from the 2 web sites and the mounting hole patterns match up exactly.

The board will fit the case.

I'd be a little worried about the Crossfire video cards hitting that chipset cooler on the MB. From what I've heard most of the crossfire cards are long. Check into it before commiting to the MB. The ram sticks are awfully close to the CPU cooler too. And they will be getting the hot air exhaust from the CPU cooler right on them.
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Thanks guys, yeah since the initial posting of this thread I did a bit or research and found that it fits fine (as LeeJend siad) but I'll still look around a bit and check out some of the cases you guys suggested, thanks!

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