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Dabba Dooba
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Hey, I was wondering if anybody has an account with carfax or somethin that checks the history of your vehicle? If not then no biggie...just wanted to know cause i want to check my blazer and see what has all happend to it.

edit: nvm...was searching on google and found a website called slickdeals.net. Pretty good website i might add. Anyway...they had a thread where u post your vin and someone sends you a PDF of the report :).
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Beware the G-Man
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It is free to just see an amount of things listed. In other words, you submit the VIN of your vehicle and Carfax tells you that there are xx amount of "items" listed about that VIN. It will not tell you what they are or if they are good things or bad things. You have to pay somewhere around 20 dollars to get the actual list with all the details. But the list will only give you what has been entered in any computer database, be it from a Dealership or Auto Body Repair facility. If it was not reported or entered, it doesn't get listed. So if Joe Blow gets his 1998 Toyota "Bucket" smashed up and he goes and gets all the body parts himself and repairs and repaints it to look like it was before the crash and smash. You wouldn't know unless it gets a full inspection and it is noticable under close professional scrutiny.
It's worth the money during the week (or month) you're car shopping. I always buy a month every time i'm in the hunt for a used car. But like gonaads said...it doesn't necessarily mean the car's been wrecked, but it hopefully gives you some information you wouldn't otherwise know.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
Yeah everything the guy told me was what was said on carfax besides the owner thing but it does estimated owners so who knows. I don't have any problems with my baby so i dont care lol. Atleast he reported the crash which like i said you cant even notice unless you go up and look at it closely. Funny how in 6 months someone put 3,000miles on it :| but the last two months they put 150. Must be someone that drove to college cause those months were when school wasnt in session.

I was expecting it to be free too untill i put the vin in and it only gave me what gonaads said.

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