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it will be my birthday on the 14th and i need some help finding stuff. I just got 2 subwoofers and a box from a friend for 100 dollars. They are zeus 825 watts a sub. They are nive it not a well known brand becasue they only sell them in san jose. I need a amplifer to run these and i am looking for a 100 dollar amplifer. I dont want to buy from ebay, i dont care if its on-line. But my friend said he wuld sell me a 400 watt amp for 50 bucks (used). To me it sounds like a rip off. What is a good 100 car amplifer that is 2 channel. I was looking at these...




The Analog Kid
Most car amps overstate their power. You're not gonna get a great amp for $100. But then again if you are running just the subs off of it, you can get a small 50x2 or 75x2 and bridge it to mono. A little extra THD for subs is not gonna hurt that much. As much as I may get smacked for it Jensen is probably the best bang for the buck on short $$$. If you can afford it, jump up to Alpine, MTX, Eclipse, Xtant, et al.


The Analog Kid
Please stay away from the acoustik stuff. They highly overstate their power sections.

btw, how are you basing your judgements? An amp has one job, amplify the signal.


The Analog Kid
If that's really 180x2, I'll sell my left nut. As I said, stay away from the Acoustik/Power Acoustik junk. I bet that amp is really only 40 or 50x2 or so.

What's the ohm rating of the subs you have? Are they DVC? You can always save alot of money on a high power amp if you can get the subs down to <=2ohm. Then get a 50x2 that's stable at or below 2 ohm. I have an older sony ES amp that will drive my box with a 1.13 ohm resistance no problems. I think it's around 380 watts at that level. Also, are your other speakers in the car on an amp? If not, putting more than 75-100 watts to the subs is just gonna drown out your mids and highs.

This would probably be fine for you:

Skimping on an amp is a bad idea. A poor quality amp will eat up speakers.

Are your subs like these?
that's all I could find googling.
its like the last subwoofer link. Why is power acoustik bad.....everyone i talked to said its good and i should buy it. What are you basing yr info on? Do you have hard facts or is that just what you think. You might be refering a different line from power acoustik. They have this new glotic line of amplifers. I want to know where you get yr info from. Just becasue kicker is a good brand doesnt mean that power acoustik sucks. A guy said this....

"My buddy has an older Power Acoustik (800 watt RMS) powering two 15"'s at 300 RMS each. It has been going strong for about 2 years now and the sound quality is nothing to be unhappy about. My experience and $0.02."

or this

"They are sick amps. You will be pleased."

or this

"I have this amp hooked up to a Power Acoustic 10inch sub that holds 250 RMS in a sealed box in the back of my probe. It vibrates my teeth, nuff said. Very surprised with the watts the amp could give for the price.. Don't let someone tell you that Power Acoustik is cheap or no-good, pound for pound I would put this amp up against a punch anyday. "

or this

where is your hard proof?


The Analog Kid
I used to work installing car audio/navigation, etc. -nuff said.

No one can force you to like or dislike a brand. In my experience Power Acoustik falls in line with those no-name brands you find at fairs, flea markets and swap meets.

There are lots of way to measure 'power'. You have to look at how it was tested. High end stuff will always be "A weighted". Ever see crappy little computer speakers that are rated at insane levels? Well, that's cos they use a PIPO rating instead of A weighted RMS levels.

Another thing to look for in speakers is a sensitivity rating. A speaker with a 94dB rating will almost be twice as loud as one with a 86dB rating.

And I would also advise to stay away from the Pioneer speakers.

What I tell everyone to do when looking for speakers is to look online for a brand "Vifa". Vifa makes the actual speakers for companies such as MB Quart (another very highly recommended brand), JBL, Infinity, occaisionally Alpine and Boston Acoustics. The Vifa marked speakers can usually be had dirt cheap sometimes at only 15-25% of what the "brand marked" ones go for.

For a good set up: Spend more money on the front speakers. Go component if you can. The rear speakers are just gonna be for some rear fill and to give rear passengers some highs. Generally I've seen people get away with just leaving stocks in the rear unless they are horrendous.

edit: I'm not trying to push stuff on you, I've just many times seen people go out and do something on the cheap or just being overwhelmed by big numbers and turn around a few months later and be very unhappy.
As far as numbers go, don't trust them, the best sub I ever owned was a 100 watt 12" JBL sub. Damn, I wish they still made them.

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