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Not Bman

I just got SnagIt because I thought it allows you to take a screenshot and also include any video that is on the screen, yet it didn't do that? I am doing something wrong, or is there another program?
Good point Taurus.

Bman, what are you looking to capture? What application is it within?
PowerDVD playing a DVD is what I want captures part of the whole screen.

I was thinking that too.

@ Bman, if you are using a DVD, you can capture using a DVD authoring style application to capture scenes.

Why go with an external application instead of a 3'rd party app that can play the video with decoders AND capture?
I must of really asked my question wrong, sorry.

I want to take a screenshot for say a desktop screenshot thread or posting, and I have PowerDVD in that screenshot, but it's just black. I was told SnagIt was able to capture that, yet it did not do it.
Fraps might be able to capture the screenshot exactly as you are seeing it.

The free version I believe still provides you with capture ability :)
I just tried FRAPS and it don't seem to work. I press the screencapture key and nothing is saved...I have snagit, is it not suppose to be able to?
It depends on what you have on the screen.

I think snag-it has limitations depending on what device is outputting the video.
Ah well that would be it, obviously it can't do PowerDVD.
Just capture the DVD shot with some other device and then paste it into the screenshot of the rest of the screen ;)
use a player that doesn't use overlay - try media player classic from gabest - that will allow you to chose another render to use and you should be able to take a screen shot of it, i know latest version(s) of power dvd had that option removed to stop people taking screen shots of films as it upset the mpaa
VLC has a built in screen capture ability, and with FFDshow it can play dvd's. That's what I use to capture screens.
You did not mention VISTA or XP?

Try screenprint32 for XP. There is not a VISTA version. Free for home use.


That doesn't work either I tried it with VLC and Nero Showtime, no go.

Looks like it's cut and paste time.
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If you are dual booting Vista & XP , the XP version of Movie Maker will sort out all your needs. Vista version ....not so good.
What do you mean Movie Maker with sort of my needs? How would that be.

And I did not know VLC has that feature, it captures stills?
I could not find a capture stills in the latest VLC. It has a stream capture function burried in the files menu.

Nero showtime has a "capture frame" on the pull out menu on the left side. It captures to the clipboard or can be set to capture to file.

Power DVD also has a capture frame button, bottom row. Right click the button for options (clipboard, file, etc).

PS I think movie maker has a frame grabber also but I could not immediately find it.
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What do you mean Movie Maker with sort of my needs? How would that be.

And I did not know VLC has that feature, it captures stills?

Forget Movie Maker for individual screen capture more for whole movie!

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