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can't wait for Minium!


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Sascha Höhne from RAD.E8 Design has been working on his new icon set for months. I've been pretty impatient at times, as I have been using his SnowE.2 icons for quite some time. I just checked his site for any updates, and he has posted a preview of Minium. Here it is!

Rad.E8 Design


Act your wage.
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This is the first time there's been new information since I posted this back in May. I've been waiting for this set forever, and it looks like we'll be waiting longer. :(

From the author:
And while I’d love to finish the set and finally release it (hey, I use my icons, too!), at this point of my life I just can’t devote as much time to icons as I’d like to (or you’d like to). It’s just not possible. But the time will come and the icons will be finished and released. That’s pretty much all I can say for now.

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