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Can't read this thread


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I've just joined this forum having googled for a monitor problem I'm having, in that my second monitor won't remember that its refresh rate is 75Hz, and always defaults to the 60Hz setting on boot, requiring me to b*gger about with the settings every time I boot.

So, I found this thread as the no.1 search result on Google... and I can't read it for some reason.


Can anyone else read it and tell me what it says, or suggest a solution to the problem?

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Sorry, I can't open it myself, it is restricted for Admin/Moderator I guess... maybe someone will be able to answer to your question provided it is relevant...
I used to have this problem when I had a geforce 4800SE there was an xpp I used...refresh lock or HzTool, have a hunt for either of those and see if they do the trick for you.

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The section was completely disabled because it isn't currently working correctly (ie updating from the newsgroups), I have re-enabled read only access for everyone as I didn't consider the fact that search engines might still pull people to it.


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