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Cant print incoming OutLook Express' E mail messages


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When trying to print an incoming message - in OutLook Express - I get the following SCRIPT ERROR :

LINE : 1344
Unspecified error
url RES G:/Windows/system32/shdoc.dll /preview.dlg

Error poped up 3 days ago .
Is it possible that Web updating KB 905915 & KB 910437 are the reason ??

Can anybody propose a remedy ???!!!!

Thanks in advance

bush dogg

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I remember that happening to a friend of mine with Outlook Express about a year or so ago what we did that fixed the problem was register the
“ole32.dll” again. Then everything printed fine.

I don’t know what caused it to happen and it was a long while ago But this may fix it.

So try this “With both Internet Explorer and Outlook Express closed”

Click Start\Run\Type "Regsvr32 Ole32.dll" (without quotes) in the box then when this comes up
“DllregisterServer in ole32.dll succeeded” click OK.

If that don’t work try it this way “Regsvr32.exe\Windir\System32\Ole32.dll” (without quotes and insert drive letter where Windir is).

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