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Can't log i to hotmail

My friend cannot log in to hotmail at home. Kids were playing on the pc and now when he logs on to hotmail(username and password) he gets a blue screen and IE says done but nothing ever comes on screen. Could it be that the file on his PC that "references ip to web address" is corrupt and if so how do i reset it again.


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If you mean the hosts file, this is located - c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Just open the file in notepad and look for any strange looking entries, or post a copy on the forums so we can take a look.
What would happen if he deleted this file altogether, would it just start a new one. He is about 500miles from me and isn't really computer literate.


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If something was added to your hosts file, it would be because of a virus or some malware. I would get rid of that. Do full virus and spyware scans before anything else.
See if this symptom can be replicated with Firefox on the PC.
If it cannot be replicated,

Clear your cache, cookies in IE, and reset the web settings.
Close the browser, restart it.

If the same issue occurs, please download Hijack This and post the log here.

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