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Cannot view picture in email?



Hello, Everyone, I just received an email with a picture in it (not an attachment) from a friend and the text showed up but the picture was not there just the Red X and empty frame and he said it was a standard gif, Now i checked in the internet options and i have show pictures enables and also i right clicked on the Red X and clicked on show picture but still Nothing then i went into Properties on the empty frame and all it said was >>msgld=7225_288943_8143_103 and down a little further is said Dimensions= 260x180 anybody have any idea's Could sure use the help, TOM
I had a problem like this a while ago. What was happening was my friend was attaching a 'link' to the picture, and not the actual picture itself.

Your OE is working correctly (evidenced by the red x), but for some reason there's no picture there to show. Walk your friend through the steps on how to attach a picture.

If you want to make absolutely sure it's not something on your end, PM me your email address and I'll shoot you a picture in an email.
I think there's a problem with you@yahoo.com email accounts and transferring pictures. Maybe someone can jump in and help you find out how to get it to accept pictures through that account.

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