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Cannot rename new folder in directory in vista


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Since receiving my copy of Vista Ultimate I have, after much tweaking experienced no problems. System very stable and am I impressed.

For some reason which I have been unable to find a solution cropped up today.

I can create a new folder in any directory, but when I attempt to rename that folder an error dialog box appears which says the file or folder does not exist and naturally I am unable to rename. I can delete the titled New Folder.

I was able to perform normal renaming of folders previously (yesterday) and nothing has changed - no installation of new programs etc. System has been checked and no trojans/viruses/malware detected. Not using IE7.

Any assistance /advice would be appreciated.




OSNN One Post Wonder
Political User
Thanks for your reply.

Nothing of note. Just using classic start menu , windows explorer opening as per-%SystemRoot%\explorer.exe /e,c:. Everything was working for days then this. I dont use system restore but ghost to backup hd. Have been doing this for years-never a problem. This problem somehow occcured from when I last renamed a folder yesterday and I ghosted later in the day as problem still exists when I restored my ghosted hd in an attempt to cure the problem.

I have UAC disabled from basically from day1 (drove me nuts)

Hope you can assist.



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