Cannot play FarCry demo.


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8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

I cannot play the FarCry demo that I got when I purchased a computer mag. It installed properly, also reinstalled DX9B. I turned down all antiliasing to zero, and the resolution to 800x600x32. It reboots my machine when I press start to play it. When Loading, it craps out. I am able to play my Call of duty with no probs, and I going to assume that it takes the same resources as FarCry, so it is not my machine. Is there another setting or something that I am missing? Maybe it is just this demo, maybe the full version will not be a problem. I just wanted to try it out before purchasing.

Oh well, I am sorry. I jumped the gun.

It says on the prog bootup screen "AMD64" So I am going to assume that it is not intended to play on my machine. I thought that 64 stuff/progs would be backwards compatible, maybe not.

the AMD 64-bit chip is backwards compatible w/ 32-bit programs .. but programs that are written for 64-bit will not run on a 32-bit system.
sounds like you need to disable auto reboot so you get a blue screen of death, then the driver at fault can be found and fixed, farcry needs the latest, Video, Chipset & Sound drivers :)
if you are using ati. the new 4.4 cats have something in it about fixing stuff in far cry its worth a shot.

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