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Cannot get Lite-on CDRW to run in DMA mode!



Ok, here is whats going on. On my primary IDE channel i have 2 CD Drives running on a reliable ATA100 cable. The primary drive is set to master and is at the end of the cable... this is my Lite on CDRW drive.. and in the middle of the cable is my Pioneer DVD drive set to slave. the Pioneer is running in DMA mode 4 like it is suppost to .. but the dang CDRW drive wont run in DMA mode.. it is stuck in stinking PIO mode! WHY?? How can i fix this? Below are pics of my windows settings and my bios settings for this drive. And no matter what i set it to.. the bios sets the cdrw drive down to dma 2 (what i think it is suppost to be at)

- Mike


Its not a good idea to put both cd drives on the same channel.
Try cd rom as master ...second channel and cd writer as slave to the main hard disc drive that should be on ide 1.


i dont think its the settings... i agree with dreamliner77 - I'd put the DVD as master and the CDRW as slave. I have a Pioneer 16x slot DVD as master and a Plextor 16x10x40x as the slave. It runs perfect - no burn problems or anything.

I'd try that first... I wouldnt personally share the primary channel with anything apart from a 2nd harddrive as you need more speed on the primary harddrive because of the pagefile and just normal access... you can always burn slightly slower to compensate for loss of speed on the secondary channel, but I really dont think that will be necessary... both my DVD and CDRW are running on a UDMA33 motherboard and they run fine
I just got the same drive...mine is 52x24x52x, theres a firmware update to make yours go to 52 from 48. I just checked the dma mode and mine is running at ulra-dma ...so its not the drive.
I have both Dvd and Liteon CDRW on same channel and work better than hooking either one of them to my hard drive !!.

And the registry fix mentioned was mine read and if you like try it Here .

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