Can you browse the web on an Xbox?


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Yeah you need to get a mod chip, and then I remember there was some browser that was being developed, though at that time it was a very basic one. I'm not how much the development has progressed since. for modding information.


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Why would you wanna? It's scary (like WebTV scary). I know this firsthand as you could do this on the Dreamcast but was a silly feature as surfing via console sux. :p
Some people are lazy though, why go upstairs to use the PC to surf the internet, when you can sit on the settee and surf from the XBOX!

X3 Chip is the best one out there at the moment I think..I have one in mine and Ive not had a problem with it.

If you then get a slayer disk that has all the stuff you need, new dashboards, ftp program, Xbox media player etc etc. Lots of people are now setting up the dashboards to allow you to setup rss feeds as well.


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There are ports of popular Linux distributions such as GentooX, Xebian, and one based on Slackware. You can resources here:

There are mouse and keyboard adapters that you can buy. You can google for those and other Xbox Linux Resources.

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