Can you back up xbox games?


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I want to copy my xbox games, mostly because (and i sware this is true), by 2 yr old gets them and likes to chew and lick the disks.

Is it the same as copying a dvd or a normal game disk?


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i dn't give them to her, haha, she just gets them, if you have children you'd know, she also likes to lick the chew on the swifer mop, so what can i say, little monkey.


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Babies in general seem to like things they can't have more then their toys! :p

I think the only way to read xbox dvd's if via the actual dvd drive in the xbox. To actually get at the discs to copy them would involve moding your xbox.


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You'd need to mod your Xbox. You'd have to get a modchip. There are "soft-mod" methods that don't require any hardware modifications but I'm not sure if they let you run backed up games. is a great resource for modding. Read up over there!


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doesn't sound like all the trouble would be worth it, guess i'll have to clear the lick marks off haha.
if your baby is licking/chewing on dvd's and a swifer mop, I think it would be better for your baby's health if you looked into baby proofing your home. If your games are more important than your baby's health.....well....nuff said


there is a way to do it with nero. You can read it as a raw disc and it iwll pick up the files. Or you have to have a modded xbox and ftp in and copy the files to your hard drive and then use a program to make them xbox executable. look on xbox scene in the back up information it should say something.


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actually it's really easy to back up xbox games. and yes, the games must be read by the xbox dvd drive, and cannot be used in pc dvd drives. basically you hook your xbox up to a network, ftp into the xbox, and copy all of the files from the D:\ drive to a folder on your hdd. you can make that an ISO and burn it. or you can use a program called dvd2xbox. if you insert a game dvd, it will back it up for you to a desired directory on the xbox or even on your pc. however, both of these things require that you have modded xbox, or an xbox with an alternate bios that can run code not signed by m$.

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Xbox will not play backup games, without you breaking your xboxes warranty anyway.
I imagine it will be the same for xbox360 too.

The only way backups could ever be reproduced and work on consoles would be for serial codes or authentication, which would destroy quite a big second hand market.


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yeah, you need a modded xbox. breaking the xbox's warranty is no big deal though. the chances of someone having to RMA or get their xbox repaired are extremely slim. modding is generally pretty safe if you know what you're doing.


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hee... this reminds me of the days when people were trying desparately to backup *cough* Sega Saturn games when they first came out.:)

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