can the hardware fan be turned on permanently?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by apu95, Jul 23, 2002.

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    im currently running xp on my laptop (compaq by the way) and well, it heats up a lot, when i mean heat up its like really hot. now, i know this is normal for notebooks and the fan on the back works, but it doesnt work permanently. it like turns on when it gets to a certain temp i think. is there any way to make it be on permanently?

    thx, Apu

    PD: on a totally different subject, which mobo would you recommend for me to buy for an Athlon xp 1800? preferably Asus or Abit brands, but other sugestions are accepted as well
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    On most notebooks, the fan is controlled via the power profiles. On my notebook, I can turn my fan on permanently by switching my Thermal Control settings from Quiet to Performance. Try looking through your profile settings.

    Note: On most notebooks, your notebook would be hotter with the fan running constantly. The fan is designed to move heat away from the processor. To do that, notebook venders situate the fans to blow out. Thus, it will be hotter on the outside of the book.
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    Take a look at the Asus A7V333 (Via KT333 chipset) USB 2.0, ATA133, DDR333(PC2700)

    Asus A7V333 Info
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    You could set "Fan Always On" in the BIOS. It's in a different place in different types of BIOS but look around.

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    ASUS A7V333

    ASUS A7V333 a great motherboard,

    I would go with the the raid version if you plan on having more then one Hard-drive.
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    how are you going to fit that into his notebook?

    nevermind didnt read all the way
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    ASUS A7V333 is the best out there for amd xp processors.