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Can I upgrade my CPU?

I've got one of those premanufactured computers from Packard Hell (bought in Holland, if that makes any difference). It has a MSI-6309 (Saturn) motherboard. Currently it fits a Pentium III 800 processor, but I wanna upgrade to a Pentium III 1,2 GHz. According to the manual the Motherboard can fit a processor with speeds of 1 GHZ or higher, guess the higher speeds didn't exist when the mobo was manufactured. Now is the issue that the computer is a Packard Hell make, could it be that PH (or PB) has altered the motherboard that it can only fit a Pentium III 800? I know they altered the BIOS, because the PB logo keeps popping up at every system start. In the BIOS I can't find settings for altering the bus speed (only the DRAM frequency, which is currently set to 133 MHz, or is that the same a bus speed?) or multiplier settings.
Can anyone advice me, 'cause I wanna replace my videocard with a Geforce 3/4 and I'm afraid that my system can't keep up with the Geforce 3/4.

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Go to the MSI site, do a search on your board & they will have the latest on it. Don't see why you can't up the cpu if your board can take it.


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Do as Hipster Doofus suggests, but also look to see if you can Flash your BIOS. If you can Flash it, then get the newest BIOS for your MoBo and then upgrade the CPU.


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as far as your front side bus, it automatically detects it from the cpu, so you have no option of overclocking with a bios like that. there is a chance your board won't support over, say, 1.1ghz, but i doubt it. should be okay with 1.2ghz. in order to make sure it goes okay, get a p3 with the same front side bus as the one you currently have.

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