Can I O/C??

Hello peeps, i am trying to get some feedback here for my current system, .... i really want to o/c the thing but i dunno what to do first, the FSB or the graphics card, i have never overclocked anything (except my old GF2 MX 400 card) but i dont really count that, as it didnt give me too much performance gain, my current systems temp is at 43-45 degrees (celsius) at IDLE and under workload its around 47-53 degrees. I have some arctic Silver 3 on the way, got some off ebay, so once i get that i am planning on applying it to my CPU and my GPU, so whats the hottest my pc can run at? i also cant afford to replace my system if anything goes on it, so i wanna be extra careful, ..... thanks in advance guys



first rule of overclocking ...dont overclock anything you cant replace...ever !
Bah, if you keep an eye on your temps and don't give things too much voltages you should be fine.

You'll probably get the most performance out of overclocking your cpu, rather than your gfx card. Those temps seem fine for an amd cpu but if you want to overclock further you should get a better HSF, and some good case ventilation if you don't already. Trying to stay under 50degrees is always a good policy.


I wouldn't say 70C is fine. Up at those temps, the lifespan of your cpu is starting to greatly reduce, and instability will become a big problem. Before you point me to the spec sheets, i know that amd cpus max rated temp is something around 90 or some crazy temp, but because of the reasons stated above its not really a great idea to run at those temps.

Panic at 70, better to be on the safe side with temps.

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While he is testing and messing around if he hits 70C no biggy I agree that he does not want to run at a constant 70C because as you said that reduces the life span ... he should get better cooling if he plans to leave the rig overclocked ... the cooler the better I agree 100%


Peh... your still gonna be using this CPU in ten years huh???

Most people keep their computers for perhaps 3-5 years. After that they are usually too slow to do anything except maybe being a file server.

i dunno if i like my cpu being more than 50 degrees, it seems like it runs alot slower once it reaches that barrier, oh well, i think i am gonna get better cables and clean it up a bit more in my case, cant wait until get my AC3 tho, should run a lot cooler, i already have 3 case fans ( one in the front and 2 in the back plus my enermax PSU fan).... should i bother getting a PCI slot fan? do those things do anything, my bud is gonna give me one, but is it worth having?? i think my ENERMAX 465W should handle all those things plugged in all at once, :) , anyways thnx for the feedback guys

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