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Can I get rid of my DXR3 card now?


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Hey Folks,

My Geforce4 TI4400 is on it's way and I'm hoping that it's ability to decode DVDs (MPEG4) will be good enough that I can get rid of my hardware decoder(DXR3). I've kept it because it does a noticably better job of playing movies.... crisper, no stutters etc than my Geforce2 GTS Pro did. I tried the software DVD route when I bought my Geforce2 GTS Pro and noticed a bit drop in quality. Has the Geforce line finally eclipsed the need for a separate DVD hardware decoder card or should I just hang onto it?


even with a GF4 I still find a card made solely for DVD decoding does a much better job when it comes to actual picture quality. I don't have any skipping problems or such, but I notice my GF4 renders some scenes too light or dark and if I adjust the gamma and such manually it just doesn't look natural.

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