Can anyone make a plastic/shiny button for me?


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21 Mar 2002
Hi fellas,

I've almost finished a new website but I'm really struggling to nail down a nice shiny button design for use on the front page. The website in question can be found at at the moment. I managed to make a nice looking bar in photoshop but I really just can't get a nice big button to look any good. I know this is asking a lot, but would anyone be willing to design one for me? That would help me massively if so!


I've attached the original file I need changing, thanks in advance!


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I apologize in advance for saying this because it is not what you are asking for, but when I visited your site I immediately thought that a "shiny" effect on a button would really not match the theme of your page/site. It actually looks like a really interesting organization. May I suggest that a 'softer' look to a button might be more appropriate? It might look more tasteful somehow.

Again, sorry for butting in, that's not what you were asking for, but it was one of those 'what a shame' moments.
No please don't be sorry, that's very useful advice! I had thought a similar thing myself, but then I quite liked the look of my bar and I definitely want something more than just that plain brown background. Do you have any other suggestions?
use a picture of some tree bark in the bar - should fit in with the site
Thanks for the suggestion Carpo - I've changed it a bit, see what you think! Let me know if you have any more ideas guys :)

Are both the Contact Us & Contact BeastWatch UK menu options required?
yes that doesnt look too bad now, not over powering or in your face, only other thing i would change is the shiney bar at the top of the page, i dont think that goes with the stle of the page, just a thought though, you should have seen the site i made -weeeeeeaaa***k! ;)
Cool, I've toned that down massively so it's not so obvious. Thanks for the tips so far - do you have any other thoughts? I'm still not entirely happy with the main content of the front page, but I can't quite put my finger on what it is I don't like.
the bar im on about is between -
Welcome to BeastWatch UK

Keeping an eye on Britain's wildlife

as stated above you dont need two contact links - one should be fine, under useful links put and and your set :p
Ah yeah, I've removed one of the contact links, thanks for noticing. The bar you mention is the one I changed - have you pressed ctrl + F5 to clear your cache? It should look a bit different now.
That owl has started to annoy me. What can I do with it? Anyone got a gun?
/me rings bill oddie

do you have a picture of any owls on a branch ? could resize that if you had one, might look better, make it look as if there is depth to the site :)

The Beast Watch logo used in the bottom right of the screen uses a brownish border around the text. I think this logo looks very 'busy'. Where as the main logo in the top left corner uses a White border. I think this look a lot better.
Ok I've added one like you suggested, it's a definite improvement but I think think I could improve things... :) I appreciate your help with this, and you too Dwarfdata and Iamnotanumberiamafreeman.

EDIT: I've changed the logo like you said Dwarfdata, and it's looking better but do you think I even need a logo there?
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I've added a version with the background still in - what do you make of that?
looking good, about the other logo, i don't think it needs to be as it could be on the about us page, you could use that space for other things
I agree with Carpo, I think the second logo is redundant and using up precious space that could probably be put to better use.

P.S. I love that picture of the Wolf :)
Cool, I love that photo too! I've done away with the logo completely and re-done the bottom section into 3 parts - what do you think now?

I think the site is really looking a lot better as a result of your input :)

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