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Can any one help with data recovery??

Can any one please help me to recover 6 gig of data from my hd.

I recently did a reinstall and it all started to go wrong so I phoned around a few shops for advice. One told me to try installing MS Dos and start all from scratch, which I thought was a stupid suggestion, but seeing as I was out of ideas I gave it a try, only to find that my 20 gb HD is now only 2 gigs and my previously partitioned D drive is showing up as 17.01 GB unalocated.

some where in that unallocated part is 6 GB of work/ music/ and other files that I really can't do with out.

Can anyone please help, I'm out of ideas and I can't even begin to believe that I've lost all my stuff???

Thanks in advance
Hey Un4gIvEn1, well I'm finally back on. I think my lack of know how screwed things up even more with the boot CD, so i had to totally reformat and start from scratch. I found a very good prog called "Getdataback for NTFS" and it did the trick. I managed to get about 99% of my stuff back.

Thanks for the recommendation for the boot CD I'm sure I'll need it some time!!!

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