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Call of Duty Cheats??????

Are people starting to use cheats in COD. Because my kills per game has been halved in the last week. I don’t like to call people cheats until it has been proven. It my be that they are getting to know the maps better and I need to practice more.
I just like to know that I am getting my butt kicked by good players and not cheats. If the bar has been raised I can live with that. I voted to get punk buster released for COD but I had hoped it would not be needed, I hope it just me having a bad week.


Me needs to finish veterans level before I start usin cheats.An I only play the single player version.Almost finished. :D
There are bound to be exploits and holes within Call of Duty, but so far, no aimbots or wallhacks have been identified. The designers did an excellent job of plugging most holes, which is nice because it sucks to be sniped as soon as you round a corner.

CounterHack is a good place to go if you suspect there are cheats for a game, and they haven't indicated any yet.

Check out this thread at callofduty.org. Interesting discussion on irritating things that might be fixed in the next patch.
Thanks HandyBuddy. I don’t mind getting killed, just as long as it’s by good players. I will spend more time with it, and get to know the maps better.
there is an opengl hack that was working BEFORE the game was released.

it hasn't been patched yet, so it may still be happening. this bug forces the uniforms to show up in bright red and green - making targets way too easy to spot.

btw, if you cheat, you have no business playing games.

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