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Calibrating my new TFT

Not sure whether this would be drivers, application or tweaks but anywho... I just got an LG Flatron L1715S 17" TFT Monitor, im using it with XP Proffessional with SP2 and have all the critical updates from the web. I got with it a CD which has drivers and "Colorific Software" however the colorific software setup wont run and when i start Photoshop Cs i always get this error:

The Monitor Profile "LG Flatron L1715S" apears to be defective. Please rerun your monitor calibration software
kind of self explanitory why i need this software :p the thing is i have done a search and cant find it. Its not on the LGE site either. Anyone got any ideas what i can do? :dead:
If it's any help i've got the L1510s (15inch) LG TFT. I have the colorific software, but never installed it. I did on the otherhand just install the monitor drivers. Control Panel -> Display -> Settings -> Advanced. Monitor tab -> properties -> driver -> update driver. then just update the driver using the CD-Rom. I've never required the colorific software anyways!
ok i dont know what happened, but Xp all of a sudden started asking me for the monitor disc. LightSurf is now installed and i followed the instructions for caibration, and PS now likes my monitor :D

was very strange... opened winAMP and then it asks for the moitor disk :p Thanks anyway :D

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